Savage Worlds General Rules

Trait Tests

Generally, when a character attempts an action they roll a Trait Test, which will call for a skill or an attribute. You roll whatever die you have for that skill/attribute (ranging from a d4 to d12) and then compare to the TN or Target Number to see if you succeeded. Generally a 4 or better is considered a success. Sometimes, the roll calls for a different TN (such as using an opponent's Parry score when attacking in melee) or the roll will be opposed, meaning the opponent will also roll and the higher value wins. Whenever a "Wild Card" (A player character or NPC of significance) takes a Trait Test, they additionally roll the Wild Die (detailed below).

Every factor of 4 or higher over the TN counts as a "Raise," so exceeding the target number is often desirable. Raises often indicate a more superb success in the form of additional effects or extra damage when attacking.

Wild Die

Wild Cards always roll a Wild Die whenever they take a trait test, which is an extra D6 in addition to whatever the character's die is for the skill/attribute. The higher of the two dice is considered to be the number the character rolled for the test.

Aces and Critical Failures

When the maximum value of a die is rolled (including the Wild Die) it is considered an "Ace." When an Ace occurs, you continue rolling until you have a non-ace result, and the sum of your consecutive rolls is the effective result. For example, if a character rolls a d8 and get an 8, then rolls again and gets another 8, then rolls again and gets a 3, their total for the roll is 19. Note that damage dice can also Ace, but not all die rolls in the game can Ace (such as those on random effect tables).

When a 1 on both the Trait Die and the Wild Die ("snake eyes") is rolled, this is considered a critical failure. Something appropriately unfortunate will befall the unlucky character when this occurs.


"Bennies" are gaming tokens that allow you to reroll trait tests for a more desirable result. Each session, player characters start with 3 bennies. Over the course of the session, additional bennies can be awarded at the GM's discretion, up to a maximum of 3 per player. Bennies can additionally be used for life-saving "Soak Rolls," and can also immediately remove a "Shaken" condition (which occurs frequently). Note that bennies do not carry over; players always reset to 3 at the start of each session.

Tactical Movement

Savage Worlds assumes a gridded playmat with miniatures. Oftentimes, distance is represented in inches, which reflects the spaces on a standard gaming playmat.

Savage Worlds General Rules

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