50 Fathoms Character Generation

1. Choose your Race

Apart from Humans, there are several different playable races in the world of Caribdus. Refer to The Races of Caribdus for details and benefits of each. Note that each race potentially modifies your starting Attributes, Edges, and Hindrances.

2. Choose your Traits (Attributes and Skills)

There are 5 different Attributes: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor. All 5 of your attributes are d4 by default, and you have 5 points to distribute amongst them to upgrade them to a higher tier. You can distribute them as evenly or unevenly as you choose, but no Attribute may exceed a d12 to start.

After deciding on your Attributes, you have 15 points to determine your Skills. Each skill is linked to an attribute. You may purchase a skill for 1 point per die tier up to its linked attribute, and you may exceed the linked attribute for 2 points per die tier. The skill list (with linked attributes) is as follows:

Boating (Agility)

Climbing (Strength)

Driving (Agility)

Fighting (Agility)

Gambling (Smarts)

Healing (Smarts)

Intimidation (Spirit)

Investigation (Smarts)

Knowledge (Smarts)

Lockpicking (Agility)

Notice (Smarts)

Persuasion (Spirit)

Repair (Smarts)

Riding (Agility)

Shooting (Agility)

Stealth (Agility)

Streetwise (Smarts)

Survival (Smarts)

Swimming (Agility)

Taunt (Smarts)

Throwing (Agility)

Tracking (Smarts)

Note: The Knowledge skill is special in that it requires a particular focus, such as Knowledge (History) or Knowledge (Archeology). It also governs whether a character knows a non-standard language of Caribdeans (Kraken or Kehana).

From your chosen Race/Traits, your Derived Statistics are determined:
Pace is determined by your race, generally 6". This is how far your character can move during a combat round.
Parry is equal to 2 plus half your Fighting, rounded down (ex. a character with a d8 in Fighting has a Parry of 6). This represents how hard it is for opponents to hit you in melee.
Charisma is 0 by default unless you have Edges or Hindrances that affect it. It is a measure of your character's likability and is added to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls.
Toughness is equal to 2 plus half your Vigor, rounded down. It is a measure of your character's durability. Armor typically adds to Toughness.

3. Choose your Special Abilities

There are special abilities and weaknesses of characters called Edges and Hindrances. They define your character and provide mechanical benefits as well. Players do not start with Edges (except for Humans) but they are acquired as the character gains experience.

You may start with Hindrances of your choice in order to start with additional extra Edges or other benefits:
You may take up to 2 Minor Hindrances (1 point each) and/or 1 Major Hindrance (2 points). The points from doing so may be used in the following ways:
For 2 Hindrance Points:
-raise an Attribute on die type
-choose an Edge
For 1 Hindrance Point:
-gain another skill point
-gain an additional $500 to start

Edges are divided into different power tiers, and for starting characters you may choose Novice Edges and/or up to one Seasoned Edge.

4. Choose your Gear

Characters have $500 in funds for their starting equipment. Refer to pages 25-28 in the 50 Fathoms Explorer's Edition for details.

5. Choose your Background

All that is left is to think up some backstory for your character and how they fit in to the world of Caribdus. They are either a native that survived the great flood somehow, or a "visitor" Human from Earth's ocean, between 1400 and 1815.

50 Fathoms Character Generation

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